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Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings can benefit your business in many ways, including reducing energy costs, advertising, and curb appeal. Commercial Awnings from Eddies Power Screens and Awnings are custom designed to fit the needs of your business or project. Add your logo, name, address, and company color. You’ll stand out from the rest by attracting customers to your business. It’s advertising and weather protection all in one.

By installing an awning or canopy over your windows, shopping areas, outdoor dining rooms, or patios of your business you will increase the comfort of your customers. Restaurants can keep their customers in the shade of the sun and out of the rain. Commercial awnings will allow your customers to feel more comfortable due to the reduction of weather elements provided by your awnings.

Commercial awnings not only increase the comfort of your customers or advertise your store, but they can also reduce the energy costs of your business. By installing awnings on your windows, doors, and patio areas, commercial awnings help reduce heat from the sun and protect the interior of your business from the heat of California’s Central Valley. The return on investment will show up in your energy bill, your air conditioner will not have to work so hard to maintain the temperature throughout the day.

We design and install commercial canvas and steel awnings throughout California’s Central Valley. We work alongside business owners, architects, and designers through the process of new, existing, and remodeling of buildings.

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