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Security Screen Doors

Security Screen Doors from Eddies Power Screens and Awnings deliver the ultimate in security without sacrificing view or curb appeal. A high-tensile, woven, stainless steel mesh screen provides all the light and ventilation of a screen door, with the strength and durability of a security door. A heavy-duty aluminum frame combined with a three-point locking system deters and guards against forced entry. We custom fit, design, and install each one of our Security Screen Doors. We carry Single, French Door, and Sliding Security Screen Doors. Our fully-sealed doors help protect your main entry from the elements. You’ll be able to let the cool breeze in while keeping the bugs and thugs out.

An innovative, full-view door provides an uninterrupted view, keeping the beauty of your front door. Protective powder-coat for a beautiful and durable finish with pet protection that stands up to scratching and clawing. No more unsightly bars. Security Screen Doors from Eddies Power Screens and Awnings are the ultimate in security.

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